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     We advocate, educate, and support families, schools, students, and businesses to address problems during challenging times and provide educational opportunities to reach success. Looking for help? We offer more than 20 services and programs for people including education, admissions testing, English proficiency tests, consultation, training, home-based services, outpatient, early intervention, counseling, and therapy. 

What Skills You Will Master




The fundamental skills related to executive function include proficiency in adaptable thinking, planning, self-monitoring, self-control, working memory, time management, and organization.

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Our Team

High Quality, Comprehensive & Meaningful 

We pride ourselves, not only on the sophistication of the education we provide but the compassionate way in which we provide it. We care for all our students – from beginners to veterans– by approaching them with respect, recognizing and valuing their abilities, and getting to know their learning styles.

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Certified Teachers

Instruct & Inspire

At Milestones Tutoring, you get the best in certified teachers, so you feel fully engaged and get the exact learning you need. Our teachers not only instruct, but they challenge and inspire! 

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Guide to the
Highest Quality Education

Milestones Tutoring is an internationally respected academic education center. We utilize an online and in-person teaching program where we pride ourselves not only in the sophistication of the education we provide but the compassionate way in which we provide it. 




"Milestones Tutoring has been a blessing to our family. My son was diagnosed with ADHD in grade school. Ian not only provided academic tutoring, but also taught critical life skills and gave executive functioning coaching. He worked with my son using a very holistic method; incorporating, mind, body and spiritual techniques. Ian helped my son develop the organizational and coping skills he needed to excel academically and socially. My son was just accepted into the college of his choice and has made tremendous strides largely due to the work that Ian has done with him over the course of many years. Ian is an excellent role model and mentor. 


I cannot say enough positive things about Milestones Tutoring. Ian has been like a member of the family and has developed an incredible bond with my son.  It was a game changer in my son's academic and social development."

- Kathy.T

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