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     Choosing Milestones Tutoring is about getting results and setting up for long-term accomplishments. At Milestones Tutoring, we’re focused on constructing confidence, introducing intellectual curiosity and motivating love for education — all of which make an immense impact in education and in life. Weeks or months of struggling in a subject like math or reading can affect a student’s outlook in that area and in others.
An accomplished tutor can identify the source of the problem and provide alternate learning models. Perhaps you understand material best when it’s presented visually, but your college class relies on lectures with few images. Your tutor can supplement your lectures with visuals and help to fill the gaps in your knowledge. This, in turn, can help you prove to yourself that no academic challenge is impossible. Similarly, if a student complains that they hate school or a particular class, a tutor can work to transform their opinion.
     Milestones Tutoring Service is a Boston based startup company that offers tutoring services for a wide variety of subjects and testing proficiency. We feel that the greatest gift teachers can give their students is to develop in them an understanding that intelligence can be grown; that the effort they invest in mastering new skills and grappling with new concepts is time well spent.
     Within our program, we believe that great people and great minds are made, not born, and that outstanding learners learn to fail intelligently. Having a positive approach to learning and maintaining high levels of motivation are key components in achieving success. Milestones tutors appreciate that, as educators, our central role is to teach all our pupils that they can grow potential, that they are masters of their own intellectual growth, that a positive mindset and willingness to embrace success as well as failure will pay dividends.

"Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach."



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