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     Milestones Tutoring works with schools, networks, districts, state departments of education and foundations through five key service offerings. This continuum of services allows our clients to assess the quality of their practices and build capacity for better results. Milestones Tutoring is about getting results and setting up for long-term accomplishments. At Milestones Tutoring, we’re focused on constructing confidence, introducing intellectual curiosity and motivating love for education — all of which make an immense impact in education and in life. At Milestones Tutoring, you get the best in certified teachers, so you feel fully engaged and get the exact learning you need. Our teachers not only instruct, but they challenge and inspire! We developed our branded Milestones Tutoring program through academic research, a decade of teaching experience and extensive psychological research. 


     At Milestones Tutoring, we understand the complex challenges schools and districts face today, which is why we proudly offer comprehensive public and charter school consulting services.  Improving educational institutions requires support for develops, leaders, and educators.  It requires quality reviews and accountability.  While some consultants meet some of these needs, the former education professionals that make up our consulting staff provide a full range of specialized services that truly address the difficulties inherent to modern education and help to create the best possible learning environment for students.

"Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach."



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